Announced today by Acopian Power Supplies (Easton, PA) is the UL recognition and CE approval of their mini encapsulated series of linear regulated power supplies. The AC-DC power supply series is encapsulated in an ultra-compact, low profile housing to provide the ultimate in environmental protection in space-limited applications. The single and dual tracking output devices are provided with screw terminal connections. Features include:

• Regulated voltage outputs ranging from 1 V to 75V DC.
• Current as high as 2.5 A.
• An output power range of 0.5 W to 14 W.
• A 3.5" x 2.5" footprint.
• Short-circuit protection.
• An input range of 105 to 125 VAC and 47 to 420 Hz single phase.
• Line and load regulation of +/-0.2% to +/-0.05%, and +/-0.05% to +/- 0.25% respectively.
• Output and ripple noise of 1 mV.

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