Using the Santa Cruz ambient light sensor (ALS) from Maxim Integrated Products (San Jose, CA), factories can quickly configure and monitor multiple red, green, blue (RGB) and infrared (IR) ambient light sensors with the high accuracy required in industrial applications. The Santa Cruz ALS solution enables connected factories. This reference system provides a wide range of clear, RGB, and IR light, and temperature data. Features include:

• The ability to fit on a 6.5mm x 25mm printed circuit board (PCB).
• Six clear light, RGB and IR sensors, a temperature sensor, and an economical and ultra-low-power microcontroller.
• Dual integrated 3.3V and 5V linear regulators.
• Programmable flash memory.
• IO-Link software.
• Sensitivity over a range of 57,542 lux to 0.001 lux, at low power.

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