Movea, Xm-Squared, and Texas Instruments (TI) demonstrated their new G-series high-performance multisport wearable solution at the Movea stand during CES. The G-series takes user experience to the next level with this energy-optimized solution for highly accurate activity tracking and advanced sports and sleep monitoring including:

-          Posture detection: standing, sitting, walking, running

-          Activity monitoring: step count, energy expenditure, distance

-          Sports performance: running speed and cadency, biking cadency

-          Sleep monitoring: sleep time, sleep cycle analysis

Based on benchmark tests, Movea’s sensor hub solution for wearable devices boasts never-before seen accuracy and low-power scores. In fact, Movea outclassed other solutions from more popular devices, specifically when measuring:

-          Activity Classification: Movea achieved a > 95 percent success rate on activity detection, including in-transportation mode.  A key feature in context-aware applications, in-transportation detection in a multisport bracelet is an industry first that enables devices to anticipate users’ next move based on what mode of transportation they’re using. 

-          Step Count:  Movea averaged the lowest error score compared to other commercial solutions

-          Sleep Analysis:  Movea’s solution closely mirrors results from a PolySomnography, the gold standard employed in hospitals. In addition, Movea enables automatic sleep mode detection, the first time this feature is available in a multisport bracelet.  

The now-available reference design kit, including a complete API, integrates Movea’s motion sensing expertise with its Motionsport embedded library and TI’s Bluetooth low energy wireless connectivity solution into Xm-Squared’s wristband design. This best-in-class combination delivers OEMs an always-on, highly accurate, power-optimized and fully integrated solution to quickly launch the next generation of devices for the exploding wearable market.

Beyond activity monitoring and sports analysis, Movea’s roadmap aims to deliver a complete monitoring user experience, adding e-Health services to future reference platforms. The G-series wristband is now available.