IXYS Corporation announced today the introduction of the DVRFD630 and DVRFD631 RF MOSFET Gate Driver Development Boards by its IXYS Colorado division.

These general-purpose circuit boards are designed to demonstrate the performance of the IXRFD630 and IXRFD631 RF MOSFET gate drivers, and provide a building block for high-speed power circuit development.

The IXRFD630 or IXRFD631 RF MOSFET gate driver is installed and the boards are factory assembled and tested.  Two board configurations are available for either driver - a DE150- or DE275-size MOSFET can be mounted on one board configuration, while the second configuration has a larger footprint pad for a DE375- or DE475-size device. The board design allows both the driver and the MOSFET to be attached to a heat sink, allowing the assembly to be used as a ground-referenced, low-side power switch for both single-ended and push-pull topologies.

Operation of the DVRFD630/631 Development Boards is straightforward, requiring only a 5 volt compatible input signal and 12 volt to 15 volt DC power supply.  

DVRFD630/631 features:

· Supports the IXRFD630 or IXRFD631 RF MOSFET gate drivers

· Drives any size DE Series MOSFET

· Easy to use, requiring only an input signal and supply voltage

· Optimized layout reduces parasitic inductance

· Small overall board size

· Fully assembled and tested

DVRFD630/631 applications:

· Demonstration of IXRFD630 or IXRFD631 RF MOSFET gate drivers

· Low-side ground-referenced power switch

· Building block for single-ended and push-pull topologies