The 10109 series is one of the most advanced mezzanine type Board to Board (B to B) connector in the market, which has both floating contacts and tandem contacts with balanced performance against higher bandwidth transmission. 10109 series achieves superb contacts reliabilities, assembly-ability and security with nowadays high bandwidth demands. IRISO is the pioneer and global market leader of Floating Contacts and Tandem Contacts systems built into B to B connectors.

10109 Series key features:

• X-Y Floating and Z-axis allowance

• Pitch: 0.635mm

• Tandem contacts with alignment posts.

• Post-polished gold contacts

• 100ohm impedance balanced

• 3+Gbps

• Pin count available: 30-120pins

• Stacking height availability: 6.5-28.5mm

• Qualifies automotive reliability measures

• Lead-free (RoHS compliant)