NTE Electronics continues to expand its high-quality fuse line by offering new Automotive Blade Fuses with LED Indicators. This new line of illuminating blade fuses use LED technology to indicate that a fuse has blown. They are easy to see in fuse panels located under dark dashboards and will help save valuable time in troubleshooting an open circuit. These color coded fuses also conveniently indicate the amp rating of the blown fuse that needs replacement.

Available in both standard and miniature sizes, these LED indicator fuses come in a wide variety of colors including violet, tan, brown, red, blue, yellow, natural, and green.  NTE offers these fuses packaged in blister and clamshell format as well as bulk.

Some of the features include:

· Long LED life (1,000 hours minimum after fuse is blown)

· Fast acting

· RoHS compliant

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