XMOS has announced xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise, the world’s most advanced multicore microcontroller development suite. This new industrial grade tool suite delivers a fully integrated multicore development environment for users of the xCORE multicore microcontroller products. The annual subscription, multi-site license will also provide an upgrade path that integrates an ARM compiler and debugger development flow to support the new multicore xCORE-XA products which add an ARM Cortex M3 processor to the configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller architecture.

The new xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise tool suite allows developers of configurable multicore microcontroller products not only to develop in a C or C++ development language but also to include simple extensions that describe parallel tasks.  It allows fully tested – xSOFTip industry standard compliant – peripherals and reference solutions to be easily included as part of the design, and supports modular code and overlays for in-field configuration of xCORE multicore microcontroller programmable system on chip solutions.

The comprehensive debug environment is enhanced by the inclusion of a new xTAG-PRO multifunction debugger. This advanced debug hardware solution allows full multicore debug and analysis with accurate real-time trace and fast instrumentation of the target hardware board or system. I/O signals and internal xCORE signals can be accurately monitored in real-time while the target system is running, with both digital and analog signals available for view in the xSCOPE instrumentation tool. Real-time power analysis of the target system is also supported, allowing developers to optimize their code for the most energy efficient operation.

xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise also allows customers to make full use of the deterministic xCORE multicore architecture. The tools provide the ability to define very accurate task and I/O timings, giving developers all of the capabilities of an RTOS (real time operating system) but with nanosecond timing accuracy and instant I/O response. High priority real-time tasks can run to completion without interruption on separate logical processor cores. The xCORE Timing Analyser (XTA) tool, included as part of xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise, allows all timing characteristics to be statically analyzed and timing critical parameters to be defined and maintained through subsequent compiles and code additions.  As a result software code can meet hardware levels of performance and provide complete functional safety.

The xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise tool suite is backed up by comprehensive and integrated one-to-one online support that delivers an assured industrial grade level of response to issues and support enquiries as well as providing on-going, long-term support for customer code releases that are shipping in the field.

xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise is available in early December 2013.  It is priced at $4,995 for a full multi-site annual-subscription license that supports multiple users across the enterprise. The simple licensing scheme allows the tools to be easily shared within a multi-site enterprise environment, without the need for complex network licensing keys, and supports a fully collaborative development flow plus one-to-one online support direct from XMOS engineers. The price also includes an advanced xTAG-PRO hardware debugger that is available separately for $750ea.

In addition to the enterprise class xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise tools, XMOS is also making available from today the single-user, and free-to-download, xTIMEcomposer-Community tool suite which offers all the same advanced multicore microcontroller development features and software debug capability. The xTIMEcomposer-Community tool is supported through the xCORE Exchange Community at is the official online community for XMOS xCORE multicore microcontroller users.

The xTIMEcomposer-Community tools are available to download from today at

The xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise tools will be available for purchase in December from all of XMOS’s official distributors, including Digikey and Element14. XMOS’s worldwide network of distributor can be found at

Both the xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise and the xTIMEcomposer-Community tool suites are available for Windows-PC, MAC OS-X and Linux platforms. The xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise tools can also support cross-platform multi-user environments, allowing individual developers across a multi-site enterprise to work on their preferred platform.