Littelfuse, Inc. has added two new packaging options to its SP3012 Series TVS Diode Array (SPA® Diodes) line. Like the rest of the series, these new devices are optimized for protecting sensitive chipsets with high-speed data lines from external ESD (electrostatic discharge) events. The new SP3012-03UTG (uDFN-6) and SP3012-04HTG (SOT23-6) devices offer board designers more options and greater layout flexibility. They also provide up to 66 percent greater clamping performance than other industry options, ensuring greater chipset reliability.

Typical applications for these new additions to the SP3012 Series include ultrabooks, LCD TVs, set-top boxes, Ethernet switches, etc.

•    Ultra-low capacitance of 0.5pF minimizes signal degradation and distortion for high-speed applications such as HDMI 1.3/1.4 and USB 2.0, USB 3.0, DisplayPort, etc.
•    Very low dynamic resistance of 0.4Ω provides very low clamping voltages to protect sensitive high-speed chipsets.
•    ESD capability is a minimum of ±12kV (contact), ±25kV (air), which exceeds the highest level of the IEC61000-4-2 standard (Level 4).
•    Small form factor packages simplify the PCB layout by allowing the traces to run directly underneath the device and save valuable board space.
Samples are available now; sample requests can be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

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