TE Connectivity announces the new VITA 66.1 Ruggedized Optical Backplane interconnect system that has been designed to meet the needs of high-bandwidth applications such as for high-definition video and images and more specifically for computing applications requiring optical infrastructure. The new system fully complies with VITA 66.1 / ANSI and is ideal for many industries and applications, including: embedded computing, ruggedized military applications, commercial aerospace and the geophysical industry.

This connector system enables TE to offer range of solutions for customer-specific applications, depending on specific needs. TE continues to expand its offering in support of the VMEbus structure by introducing its optical versions under the VITA 66.1 series. The optical system is offered in both a receptacle (backplane) and mating plug (daughtercard) connectors which interconnect up to two MT ferrules, each accommodating up to 24 fiber paths.

The new VITA 66.1 compliant Ruggedized Optical System is designed to complement the RF, power, and high-speed electrical modules that have been developed and adopted by the standard.

TE’s Ruggedized Optical System is built to survive

  • Cycle Life (Mate/Unmate) of 100 Mates
  • Shock: OS1 (20G) / OS2 (40G) & Bench Handling
  • Random Vibration: V1 & V2 (PSD = 0.04 G^2/Hz), V3 (PSD = 0.1 G^2/Hz)

Designed for easy installation with lightweight materials

  • Insertion Force, Mating Force, Unmating Force
  • Aluminium alloy 6061 Bench Handling

For more information on TE's Ruggedized Optical Backplane interconnect system, visit,26435