Behlman Electronics has introduced a new 400 Hz power supply with capabilities beneficial to any markets in which 400 Hz power is used.

About 400 Hz electrical power
115/200 VAC 400 Hz WYE power generation systems are used on most aircraft. There are a great many electrically powered systems aboard aircraft for which an external 400 Hz power source is required for testing, calibrating and repairing. Everything from radars, sensors, weapon systems, cockpit displays and communications gear, to environmental systems, galley equipment, pumps, motors and entertainment systems operate at 400 Hz.

400 Hz is used on many U.S. Navy ships as well as on land air bases of all the military branches, primarily to service aircraft and avionics. In addition, 400 HZ requirements can be found in spacecraft, submarines, server rooms for computer power, hand-held machine tools and other industrial applications.

Because frequencies as high as 400 Hz are not supplied by the utilities, a frequency converter is required.


About the Behlman FC5003 Frequency Converter
The Behlman FC5003 is an ultra-rugged COTS power supply designed to convert common 120/208 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz ground power to 115/200 VAC, 3-phase 400 Hz power used by aircraft and other vehicles, and equipment that require 400 Hz.

FC5003 is in a 6U (10.5” high) 19-inch rack mount chassis having an input line cord with a plug, and an output receptacle.

Installed in a vehicle or in a wheeled rack or cart, it can readily be moved as needed to service many different aircraft and systems, thereby eliminating the need to use an aircraft’s own 400 Hz generator power. In industrial and manufacturing applications it can be routinely moved close to production lines and test areas to facilitate operations.