Dialog Semiconductor announced today the first product in its new range of Class D audio products, the DA7202. This powerful, highly efficient low EMI Class D speaker driver provides greater power output and improved efficiency levels for Ultrabooks, tablets and speaker accessories powered by a dual cell battery pack. Designed with a small footprint, the DA7202 helps keep devices, such as the increasingly popular Ultrabook as light and compact as possible for the consumer.

The DA7202 is available in a 9 bump WLCSP package, 0.5mm pitch that enables low cost printed circuit board (PCB) technology. The increased power output does not compromise the speaker audio quality and is designed to provide 90dB Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise (THD+N) and 100dB Signal to Noise ratio. This allows the end users to experience Hi-Fi quality audio, from ground shaking lows to delicate highs.

Historically, most mobile computing devices have used a CODEC with an integrated Class D amplifier, providing a speaker driver output limited to 1Watt (W). Using a dual cell Class D amplifier significantly improves the power output of the device, driving up to 3.5Wrms, which equates to a 3.5x increase of power into the speaker. In addition to a higher power output, this audio architecture maintains better efficiency, as having a direct connection from the battery to Class D amp, eliminates DC-DC power loss.

Additional benefits include:

  • Robust short circuit and thermal overload protection to prevent device damage during a fault condition;
  • Differential audio inputs for improved resistance to external noise; and
  • Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) by using spread spectrum modulation. This reduces interference in nearby components, thereby simplifying system design.