Global Specialties today introduced the ASURO Robot. The ASURO is a small autonomous multi-sensored robot developed for educational purposes by the DLR, the German Aerospace Center (like NASA).

Highly versatile, the ASURO is completely programmable in C. Assembly is easy for experienced electronic technicians and feasible for a novice. Except for the printed circuit boards (PCB), only standard parts are utilized and freeware tools can be used for programming.

The ASURO comes unassembled and includes a soldering guide making it exceptionally suitable as an introduction into processor-controlled hobby electronics for projects in schools, universities, and technical education.

The ASURO Robot features:

  • ATmega8L, 8-bit AVR-RISC processor
  • Fully programmable in C language
  • Comes unassembled. Soldering required
  • CD with software, training manual, and supporting materials
  • Excellent AVR-GCC freeware for use with Windows or Linux
  • Unique and safe USB IR transceiver with simple to operate flash software
  • Remote control and PC-programming possible via USB transceiver
  • Wireless control possible with optional Bluetooth and 433 MHz RF
  • Extensions kits available
  • 6 collision-detector sensors
  • Optical line-tracker unit
  • 2 independently controlled 3V-DC motors
  • On-board odometer sensor on both wheels
  • Preprogrammed firmware for easy hardware testing
  • 3 LED indicators
  • 1-Year Warranty


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