Behlman Electronics has announced another breakthrough that will help VPX engineers achieve their design goals faster, easier, more efficiently and more economically.

Behlman’s VPXtraä 1000CD and VPXtraä 1000CM “Expanded” Data Sheets provide a combined total of 27-pages of detailed text, charts and diagramed information about features, benefits, overviews, and specific technical data for the range of Behlman VPXtraä 6U single slot power solutions.

Technical data includes such details as Absolute Minimum Ratings; Input Characteristics: Output Characteristic for each Voltage/Amp combination; General Characteristics; Controls and Signals (per VITA 62); Output Power Status vs. Input Power and Control Signals; Indicators; Output Turn-on Delays; Load Transient Response; Efficiency vs. Load for Minimum, Nominal and Maximum Input Voltage; Power Dissipation vs. Load for Minimum, Nominal and Maximum Input Voltage; Maximum Output Power vs. Input Voltage (71° C card Edge Temperature); Input Current vs. Input Voltage at maximum Output Loads; Paralleling Options; MIL-STD-461 and CE-102 Test Results; Connector Charts and Diagrams; and Complete Product Diagrams.

These Expanded Data Sheets ensure that design engineers will have the answers at hand for virtually every VPXtraä question likely to pop up during the design process, thereby enabling engineers to move forward more quickly.

Behlman VPXtraä Expanded Data Sheets are available three ways:

  1. Download as a PDF at
  2. Via email to sales Include name, address, company, title, phone number and email address, and request the Data Sheets.

Telephone Behlman toll free at 800 874-6727 or 631 435-0410, and request a hard copy.