MICROMO is pleased to announce the FAULHABER cutting-edge 15/10 planetary gearhead series--the only standard high torque precision gearhead in a 15 mm diameter on the market today.

FAULHABER expands its product portfolio of precision gearheads with a 15mm diameter planetary gearhead that delivers high torque performance from a robust stainless steel design. The use of hardened materials and high precision manufacturing processes allow FAULHABER to achieve intermittent torque up to 500 mNm, with a 350 mNm continuous duty torque.

Component flexibility is a key success factor for today’s diverse and challenging fields of application. With that in mind, FAULHABER has designed the new 15/10 planetary gearhead for seamless integration with the industry’s largest standard selection of precision micro motor technologies. Whether the application requires coreless DC motors, brushless DC servomotors or stepper motors, FAULHABER has the right combination available.

These planetary gearheads are available in 1 to 5 stage versions with 30 different standard reduction ratios to precisely match the requirements of the application. In  addition, the overall length of the gearhead has been reduced to provide the smallest overall package size of combination.

The 15/10 planetary gearhead series is available with sintered sleeve or ball bearing configurations. The standard operating temperature extends from ‐30°C to +100°C, and  other ranges are available on request.

•Up to 30 standard reduction ratios, from 3.33:1 to 1367:1

•Available with sintered sleeves or ball bearings

•Temperature range ‐30…+100°C

•Ideal for combination with FAULHABER Brushed DC Motors,  Stepper Motors and Brushless DC Servomotors