TriQuint Semiconductor announced the release of new gallium nitride (GaN) transistors that offer superior gain, thermal management and efficiency for commercial and defense RF amplifier designs.

See TriQuint’s new GaN products, processes and service solutions, Small Cell PA innovation, industry-leading optical drivers and Spatium, TriQuint’s TWTA replacement technology, all during European Microwave Week at the Nuremburg Convention Center (October 8-10); Stand 130/141.

TriQuint is announcing two new high-power GaN packaged transistors including the 200 Watt T1G4020036-FS/FL and the 285 Watt T1G2028536-FS/FL. Both devices offer excellent gain, which enables smaller RF amplifiers and reduced part-counts in many applications; both devices are widely exportable. The T1G2028536-FS/FL covers DC-2 GHz while the T1G4020036-FS/FL covers DC-3.3 GHz; both devices are ideal for commercial and defense applications including professional communications, commercial and defense radars, avionics and RF test systems.

TriQuint’s new GaN transistors are joined by new GaN amplifiers and low-noise amplifiers that also deliver high efficiency and improved performance compared to competing products for wide-ranging commercial and defense applications. New GaN products include wideband LNAs covering 2-6 and 6-12 GHz with excellent gain. New amplifiers include a family of solutions that focus on the needs of S-band radar and other key frequencies with excellent gain and efficiency.

Small-cell innovation

TriQuint is introducing the first in a new family of ‘small cell’ integrated power amplifiers that also serve active antenna base stations. The new TGA2450-SM amplifier dramatically reduces board space while delivering high efficiency as a key component in 3G/4G mobile networks including LTE.  The TGA2450-SM is sampling and now available; it meets Band 1 requirements while reducing PCB areas 50%. TriQuint has integrated amplifier solutions in development for additional global cellular bands. Contact TriQuint for details and sample information.

Industry-leading SMT optical solutions

TriQuint also recently added four new SMT optical network modulator drivers to its industry-leading portfolio. These products expand the company’s line-up with devices that include miniaturized and integrated modules. TriQuint high performance optical components reduce overall system costs, simplify RF design and shrink board space for today’s 100 Gb/s optical fiber networks and future 200/400G systems. Contact TriQuint for details and sample information.