Megger now offers a palm-sized, battery-operated proving unit that provides a substitute voltage source for testing a two-pole tester.  The MPU690 helps to ensure that a voltage tester is capable of detecting voltage safely and efficiently.  

The compact, portable device is ideal for use where a live voltage testing source is not available or where maneuverability is limited, such as being up on a ladder or in a tight, confined space.

For simplified operation, the proving unit automatically turns on when voltage test prods are inserted into the unit’s output terminals. 

The MPU690 generates stepped voltages beginning at 690 V and slowly ramps down until the device shuts off, giving an indication that the two pole voltage tester can indicate voltages at different levels correctly.  Individual voltage steps as well as a power display on the device are indicated by LED lights.

The MPU690 generates AC frequency output voltage when in use, simulating the AC power supply.  This high output power is ideal for use with test lamp testers that utilize a small bulb to indicate the presence of voltage.

It has an operating temperature range of -10ºC to +40ºC.

This new proving unit, which measures 130 mm wide x 68 mm high x 49 mm deep, features an extended battery life–running on six AA LRO6 alkaline batteries–a magnetic base and a rugged case.