IXYS Corporation announced the introduction of the PCX-7401 precision laser diode driver and current source by its IXYS Colorado division. This instrument provides precision pulsed current with accurate microprocessor-based digital power control.

The PCX-7401 is an air-cooled, bench-top current source featuring separate pulse and bias current adjustment designed to drive diode lasers, bars and arrays up to 3A with a bias (simmer) current up to 0.5A at 15V maximum forward voltage. Leveraging the proven design of the popular and successful PCX-7420 high power laser diode driver, the PCX-7401 expands IXYS Colorado’s product offerings to enable a new range of lower-current laser diode applications for research, laboratory, scientific and industrial applications.

Utilizing one of several communication choices standard with the PCX-7401, users can easily develop automated testing and characterization configurations which can be stored in the instrument’s on-board memory. It may also be operated through its intuitive front panel controls. The color LCD provides immediate visual confirmation of all operating parameters.

PCX-7420 features:

• 0A – 3A Output Current – high current capability with 0 – 0.5A bias and an additional 3.0A of laser pulse current.

• Fast Rise and Fall Times – less than 100nS for high speed applications.

• Pulsed output from 100nS to DC.

• Forward Voltages up to 15V – combining higher current and a 15V capability, the PCX-7401 provides flexibility to test both single diodes and arrays.

• Output Bias (Simmer) Current.

• Diode and Driver Safety – safety features include over current limit, open load detection and diode steering (prevents reverse current).

• Ease of Operation – intuitive touch screen interface.

• Ethernet, USB & RS232 all standard.

• CE and RoHS compliant – the PCX-7401 is compliant with both the CE and RoHS standards.