MPD has invented another new CR2016 low profile coin cell battery holder.  While other CR2016 holder solutions often rise more than 8.5 mm above the PCB, our new BLP2016SM-GTR rises 3.1 mm with an installed CR2016. This directly saves over 5 mm in board height when compared to typical CR2016 battery holders available on the market.

Built with reliability as the first ideal, gold-flashed, nickel-plated phosphor bronze contacts that resist corrosion. The contacts offer low electrical resistance and resistance to intermittent connections, while the recurved positive contact provide extra retention on the coin cell battery. The lightweight LCP base piece of the holder is extremely strong, and can easily withstand temperatures like 260°C for modern, lead-free reflow soldering. LCP replicates metal by offering a tensile strength and modulus close to aluminum. Additionally, the LCP has excellent chemical resistance and can withstand repeated sterilizations by standard methods used in medical device assembly, including gamma and electron beam, ethylene oxide, and hot steam or hot air processes. The LCP used is also halogen-, PFOS-, and PFOA-free, as well as SVHC, REACH, RoHS 2, and WEEE compliant – meaning that these meet current global environmental regulations.

P/N  BLP2016SM-GTR holds CR2016 batteries that typically offer approximately 130 mAh of power in a compact package, making them perfect for circuits with low power requirements.

Quick Facts
•    Packaged on tape and reel for automated systems
•    Lower profile than any other competing products at 3.1 mm height above the PCB
•    Boasts excellent chemical and humidity resistance that can withstand multiple applications of most sterilization methods like autoclave, chemical, ETO, or radiation
•    Resist shocks, vibrations, and drops like never before, 1 meter drop certified.
•    Superior dielectric strength (1,100 volts/mil.)