BeStar Technologies just announced the next generation of their non-contact ultrasonic sensor designed for container measurement applications. And it comes in a complete ‘plug & play’ kit.

Product overview

The Container Measuring Kit is designed to detect the solid or liquid contents of any steel or plastic container…a rail-car, silo, gas/oil storage tank or a container on the back of a truck for spraying applications.

The kit contains the ultrasonic detector, control box, user connector and extension cables. The detector is mounted (glued to the outside, bottom) of the container, connected to the control box that sends and receives the data, and connected to the client’s modem or GPS device via the user connector for power and data transmission.

Technical highlights

• Operating voltage                            5-36V, 50mA

• Operating temperature                    -40°C - 80ºC

• Level height accuracy                     3mm

• Operating environment                   Moisture/acid proof, anti-interference/explosion proof and flame resistant

Feature highlights

• High accuracy…level height accuracy is 3mm with operating temperature correction

• Long-term stability…non-contact measurement to avoid corrosion and sensor            deterioration

• Easy installation…attach the ultrasonic detector to the outside of the container…attach the detector to the control box…the control box to client modem/GPS device…test!

• Can be connected to client laptop for immediate reporting or to client modem/GPS device


• Liquids and gases…rail cars, tank trucks, oil storage facilities, water towers  and automobiles to monitor contents for anti-theft applications, efficient use of operating resources and operating levels

• Solid materials…silo or storage bin levels,