Phoenix Display International has introduced a family of TFT monochrome LCDs that provide a drop-in replacement for passive matrix monochrome displays with superior performance, including higher brightness, wider viewing angles, higher contrast ratios, faster response times, higher resolution, sunlight readability and wider operating temperatures.

Monochrome TFT LCDs provide an ideal solution for industrial and automotive instrumentation, audio/visual displays and industrial devices that do not require full color.  They offer the performance characteristics of color TFT, but can easily be made transflective and can use a simpler micro controller than the equivalent color TFT displays, enabling overall system level cost savings.

Available in 3.5”, 5.7” and 6.2” diagonal sizes, the new TFT monochrome LCDs offer 100 to 700 cd/mfront-of-screen brightness and contrast ratios of 800:1, a dramatic increase from the typical passive monochrome contrast ratios of 12:1.  The 6.2” module can provide 250 cd/m2 maximumbrightness and the 5.7” can meet 700 cd/m2 maximum brightness. Operating temperature for all modules is -200 - 700 C.

The 3.5” and 5.7” LCDs offer 320 x 240 pixel resolution (QVGA) and the 6.2” offers 640 x 320 pixels.  The 5.7" is designed to be a drop-in replacement to the standard 5.7" passive QVGA monochrome display, including Sharp’s LCM320240.

PDI specializes in small format (typically 6.4” and less) character display, graphic display, color display, and custom display formats.  “These new active matrix TFT LCDs offer a new high-performance alternative to small format monochrome displays,” said Keith Mitnik, PDI’s founder.

The 5.7” and 6.2” LCDs feature white LED backlighting.  The 3.5” module is glass driver and flex only.  PDI will use its custom capabilities to tool a backlight for a customer who needs this in their application and then design the backlight specifically for them.

For any customization that is required, Phoenix Display's US-based engineering team can design the LCD module around the standard transmissive glass platform to integrate it both electrically and mechanically into an existing project.  PDI can also incorporate any additional options needed.

Pricing for a 5.7” monochrome TFT LCD ranges from $75 to $95 each, depending on quantities.