Expanding upon the last update to Elektor’s Android App, Faust Nijhuis has designed an additional twelve calculation and conversion utensils for RF, Microwave and electronics in general, bringing the total number of tools to 55.

The latest update to the RF & Microwave Toolbox App introduces:

• Lumped Balun Calculator

• Wavelength calculator

• L-Network Matching Calculator

• LCR Parallel - Series Conversion Calculator

• PI & T-Network Matching Calculator

• Coax Line Calculator

• Twisted pair Calculator

• Lumped-Distributed Equivalences calculator

• Fresnel Calculator

• Inductor Charge Calculator

• Heat Sink temperature calculator

• Thermal via calculator

These new tools are in-keeping with the visual presentation and ergonomic arrangement of the previous update and is suitable for RF professionals, radio-amateurs, EMC technicians, astronomers, students and hobbyists. The RF & Microwave Toolbox App can be used to calculate component values for passive filter circuits; calculate impedance, capacitance, inductance, resonance frequency, quality factor, bandwidth, PCB traces, low band and high pass, band stop, Chebyshev and Butterworth LC filters. This app is also able to convert between field intensity and power density and even design microwave filters using a variety of techniques.

The RF & Microwave Toolbox App is purchasable through the Google Play store where a comprehensive list of all tools is also available.