Alps Green Devices has developed the “GCBC Series” high-precision current sensor, achieving compact size, light weight and low loss.

The GCBC Series is a current sensor for PCB mounting and is the smallest and lightest in the industry. Use of a proprietary high-sensitivity magnetic sensor element (GMR element) eliminates the need for a core to concentrate magnetic flux, enabling compact dimensions of 13.4 × 15.7 × 7.2mm (W×D×H) and weight of 3g. Furthermore, proprietary magnetic control plates positioned around the sensor element ensure both high sensitivity and resistance to outside disturbance.

Resistance in the primary conductor is also the industry’s lowest at 60μΩ, a 40% reduction compared to existing current sensors of other companies. This reduces conductor heat generation, helping to lower power loss associated with current measurement.

The GCBC Series supports a maximum continuous current up to ±50A and Alps Green Devices is developing sensors that will detect currents of up to 150A.


1. Smallest and lightest in the industry due to use of a high-precision magnetic element

2. High-precision detection achieved with low resistance and low heat generation

3. Highly resistant to disturbance, facilitating equipment design

Principal applications

Motor drivers and general-purpose inverters

Power-conditioning systems

Server power supplies

Packaged air-conditioning units

NC machine tools


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