trans data elektronik presents the latest generation of the tBL-tde Basic Link RJ45 module. The tBL-RJ45 module, available in two different versions, offers the optimal solution for every network environment. Thanks to slim tBL cable termination blocks, pre-assembling is possible. The IDC connection system furthermore ensures high availability application and real-time data transfer.

Short assembly times due to innovative connection technology
tde’s new tBL-RJ45 modules have a separate cable termination block, which can be easily assembled with the tBL crimp tool. By simply plugging it in the tBL cable termination block is subsequently connected to the tBL RJ45 module.

Processing problems, which in the long run cause poorer link performance, are ruled out with the tBL-RJ45 modules: Whereas settle lengths of single pairs used to cause difficulties and a twisting was sometimes bent, the installation of the cables is no longer a problem. As a result of the simplified handling, the assembly of the cable termination block can be easily managed by a technician.

Connection technology designed for real-time transfer
tde offers the tBL-cable termination block in two versions: For installation cables in AWG 22-24 in yellow and for flexible cables in AWG 26-27 in white. The IDC connection technology is designed for long term use and guarantees a stable and vibration-resistant contact.

The slim cable termination block is furthermore suited for pre-assembling the cabling section. The entire cabling system corresponds to a permanent link according to ISO/IEC 11801 (EN 50173) and is thus designed for a very good Cat-6A performance.

tBL-RJ45 modules in two different versions and with LID-function
The tbL-RJ45 module is available in two versions, as Keystone (KS) and as Datacenter (DC). The compact construction of the tBL-RJ45 DC sixfold module allows a high packing density with up to 48 RJ45 ports on one rack mount unit and is installed on tde’s platforms like the tSML and the tML. Moreover, there are suitable sockets for the KS-version available, which can take in up to 3 Keystone-modules. Upon request both versions are also available with a Light ID-function. The LID-function makes it easier to find related ports in a cabling section. Thanks to tBL detector tools the port on the opposite side is illuminated.

The tML–tde Modular Link system
tML is a patented modular cabling system, which consists of the three main components module, trunk cable and module unit. These system components are manufactured, patched and tested to a 100 percent in Germany and implement a local Plug & Play-Installation – particularly in data centers, but also in industrial surroundings – in the shortest possible time. The core of the system comprises the dorsal MPO/MTP and Telco connectors, which connect at least six ports with 10GbE or rather GbE performance at once. There are fiber optics and TP modules, which can be used simultaneously in a module unit with very high port density.

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