Cicoil is pleased to announce the release of its New Master Catalog. Available in print and web-ready downloadable format, the 52 page, full color catalog offers an extensive selection of 700+ standard part numbers, 27 New Products, custom capabilities, specification tables and technical field sales support tools.

Organized by product category, the innovative catalog features a one page outline for each product, including product features & benefits, specifications, applications, photos and ordering information for each bulk cable and cable assembly design. Features include the following:

  • Motion Control Cables: Motion Series, Motion Series Plus, Motor Power and Shielded Signal Cables
  • Video & Data Cables: Cat 5e & Cat 6, Camera Link, Controlled Impedance, USB 2.0 & 3.0, Flexible Coax and Fire Wire Cables
  • Highly Flexible Unshielded Cables: Continuous Flex Control & Power, Hi-Temp IDC Ribbon, Hi-Temp Festoon, High Voltage Single Conductor and Thermocouple Cables
  • Standard cable assemblies, complete with connectors, available for EVERY Cicoil flat cable (3, 6 and 12 foot lengths)
  • Customizing Flat Cables and Assemblies with The Online Cable Configurator, Low Friction Options, StripMount Integrated Mounting Strip, SuperTuff Jacketing, Tubing and FlexRail Trackless Self-Supporting Cable System.
  • Complete technical information, including our “Patented Extrusion Process”, “Comparisons to other Technologies” and “Top 10 Reason Why to Use Cicoil Flat cables”

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