The CMM-3020 is a fully featured application development board based on the MPXS3020 MCU. The MPXS3020 features dual, e200z7d Power Architecture cores and operates either in Lock-Step Mode for safety-critical applications requiring IEC 61508 SIL3 compliance or in Decoupled Parallel Mode for applications requiring maximum performance. The operating mode is statically switchable under software control.  Software tools from multiple vendors provide a diverse and varied application development and debug eco-system. The CMM-3020 board provides access to numerous on-chip peripherals; including, CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet, DDR Memory, and Serial UART.  

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·         MPXS3020VMS180 MCU, 473 MAPBGA  Dual, e200z7d, 32-bit Power Architecture© Processor Cores

·         PPS & VLE Instruction Set support up to 180 MHz

·         Safety-Critical Lock-Step Mode or High Performance Decoupled Parallel Mode Operation

·         IEC 61508 SIL3 Compatible w/ Lock-Step mode and Fail-Safe Protection

·         Device Memory:  512 KB SRAM, 2 MB Code Flash, 64 KB Data Flash

·         On-Die Temperature Sensor

·         Software selectable external Memory  DDR and EBI modes supported

·         2GB Mobile DDR on-board with Buffered interface for access to EBI signals at IO headers

·         On-Board +5V, +3.3V, +1.8V Power Supplies

·         Optional, High-Precision Voltage Reference for MCU VREF Input (not populated)

·         Optional 3.5mm, 2-position, Terminal Block (not populated) and 2.1mm, center-positive, barrel connector

·         Reverse Polarity Protection at voltage input

·         10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet / IEEE 802.3 MII interface w/ RJ-45 Connector

·         2 ea, FlexRay Transceivers on FRA & FRB; w/ 2-pos, Right-Angle, MicroBlade connectors

·         2 ea, CAN Transceivers on CAN0 & CAN1; w/ 2-pos, Vertical, SPOX connectors

·         DUAL USB to Serial UART on SCI0 & SCI1  Enumerates as 2 Serial Ports when connected to a Windows PC

·         Native Windows support, USB, mini-B connector and Integrated SPI Flash to store Configuration Parameters

·         14-pos, JTAG / 1149.1-2001Test Access Port connector supports software development and debug

·         User Input / Output  User Input Push-Button Switch on GPIO12  NMI Input Push-Button Switch on NMI input

·         1 ea, Green LED on GPIO108  Red LED FCCU Output Indicator, Exclusive-OR’d to FAULT[1:0] outputs

·         IO Header access to unused MCU signals  34 ch, 12-bit ADC configured in 4 Modules on-chip

·         19-bit, Parallel Digital Interface (PDI), 16-bit Data, 3-bit Control

·         2 ea DSPI Modules, DSPI0 & DSPI1, 2 ea CAN Modules, CAN2 and CAN3

25 ch, FlexPWM output, 12 ch,Timer output