The KinetiMax 32 EB DS is a very compact outer-rotor brushless DC motor with a dual output shaft. The 32 EB DS is designed with a heavy duty bearing system capable of handling high side loads on each output shaft.

High quality components ensure a minimum operating life of 20,000 hours. The continuous output torque of 32 mNm at a rated speed of 4750 RPM provides up to 16 W output power, and makes this motor ideal for small dual-head membrane pumps , peristaltic pumps, and blower-fans.

Features & Benefits
• Two identical output shafts
• Integrated electronic speed control drive with speed set input to adjust motor speed from 250 to 6000 RPM
• The two-wire version is controlled like a DC motor, needing only a variable DC voltage to operate
• IP54 level protection sealing
• Thermal overload protection with automatic recovery
• Reverse supply voltage protection
• Low EMI – complies with EN 55014-1/2, 61000-6-1/3

• Customized shaft
• Customized mounting flange
• Custom lead and connector configurations
• A four-wire version that includes an 18 pulse per rev tachometer output to enable speed monitoring
• Special winding configurations
• Encoder and/or gearbox