Zilog announces the introduction of the ZGATE Security Bridge Reference Design, a joint technology solution utilizing Icon Labs’ Floodgate Technology. Together, Zilog and Icon Labs have produced a microcontroller featuring an embedded firewall that provides a critical layer of security for networked devices. The new ZGATE Security Bridge Reference Design is a clever new approach that utilizes an embedded microcontroller and levels of protection that go beyond typical firewall security to allow smart devices to resist malevolent attacks.

Based on Zilog’s eZ80Acclaim, embedded with Icon Labs’ Floodgate technology, the new ZGATE Ethernet bridge and Reference design module, will help reduce the incidence of security breaches for many types of products in defense, telecommunication, utility, transportation, medical and industrial applications.

The ZGATE Security Bridge offers the following features:
• ZGATE Embedded Security firewall
• Factory-default 5MHz crystal oscillator input, 50MHz maximum operating speed via
• 2 –10/100 BaseT Ethernet PHY with RJ45 connectors
• 1M External high speed SRAM
• 8M External Flash
• 8K internal RAM
•192K Internal Flash available
• Real-Time Clock (RTC) support with back-up battery

ZGATE Modules features include:
• ZGATE Embedded Security firewall
• Wired and Wireless Modules
• Factory-default 5MHz crystal oscillator input, 50MHz maximum operating speed via PLL
•10/100 BaseT Ethernet PHY with RJ45 connector
•128KB external high-speed SRAM
• 192KB on-chip Flash memory available
• 8KB on-chip SRAM
• Real-Time Clock (RTC) support
• I/O connector provides 32 general-purpose 5V-tolerant I/O pin-outs
• On-board connector provides I/O bus for external peripheral connections (IRQ, /CS, 24 addresses)
• Connection to the eZ80AcclaimPlus! Development Platform via two 56-pin miniheaders
• Small 50mm x 47.5mm footprint
• 3.3V power supply