Kepco is pleased to add 1500 and 3000 Watt models to its popular series of KLN automatic crossover, low-profile, high-performance, low-cost programmable power supplies. The KLN Series already offers stable d-c power in a 1U high, half-rack package for 750W. They are now adding a 1U high, full-rack package at 1500W and a 2U high, full-rack package at 3000W. A total of 13 voltage-current combinations are offered at each power level.

Output voltages range from 0-6 Volts to 0-600 Volts and output currents range from 0-400 Amps down to 0-1.25 Amps. Up to five identical units may be connected in parallel using an optional socket board. Speed-controlled fans limit acoustic noise for bench-top applications when full power is not needed.

Precise programming of voltage, current and their limits may be achieved from the front panel, or by analog means or by RS 485 digital control. GPIB or LAN interfaces are factory installed options.

Pricing:  $1625.00 ea. @ qty. 1 for 1500 Watts
              $3165.00 ea. @ qty. 1 for 3000 Watts
              LAN Interface add $ 450.00
              GPIB Interface add $ 545.00