B&B Electronics Manufacturing announced its SPECTRE RT 300 series industrial wired Ethernet routers, which are designed to securely connect Ethernet and serial equipment in tough environments where office/home-grade routers can’t handle the job.  Much like the Linksys router in homes, the rugged SPECTRE RT router can connect a private network to a public one, allowing devices to communicate across the Internet.  But unlike such routers, the compact 1.7 x 3.1 x 4.5 inch SPECTRE RT was designed for harsh environments, such as cramped cabinet spaces and the outdoors, and features a wide (-40 to 75°C) operating temperature, a compact DIN-rail mount, a rugged metal case, the ability to use 10 to 30VDC power input, and I/O that can be used to monitor door closures or set alarms.  With Ethernet, USB, I/O and auxiliary ports, the router can handle multiple data communications protocols and fits into virtually any network topology. Applications include energy monitoring, point-of-sale transactions, parking lot security, access control, and digital signage. The router also complies with NEMA TS1 & TS2 environmental requirements for traffic control equipment.  

The SPECTRE RT incorporates four main security features that protect networked devices from hackers’ attacks on valuable data:

  • Basic NAT (network address translation), the most common function for a router, allows public IP addresses to connect to private IP addresses. More advanced features include:
  • VPN (virtual private network) tunneling provides a secure and encrypted data path between two devices. 
  • A built-in Firewall feature isolates or secures a segment of the network by limiting who can access it by filtering on IP addresses, port numbers and protocols.
  • Secure Protocols such as HTTPS and SSH encrypt and secure the data passing through the router as well as configuration and setup data.

The ERT310 model supports Ethernet ($499 MSRP) and the ERT312 supports both Ethernet and serial (RS-232) connectivity ($549 MSRP).   Both carry a 5-year warranty, and are available from B&B Electronics and all its North American distribution partners: