Global Specialties today introduced The DL-030, Microprocessor Design Trainer. The DL-030 utilizes an FPGA chip allowing a user to implement a fully functioning microcontroller in minutes. The DL-030 is a complete and ruggedly packed trainer that will provide a solid learning platform for individuals and classroom students. With the DL-030, you can create and implement your first design in as little as one hour.

The DL-030 FPGA-based Microprocessor Design Trainer features:

  • Altera Cyclone III FPGA
  • Altera Nios II embedded processor
  • Software CD with powerful designing/implementing tools
  • 137-page lab manual by university professor, Enoch Hwang, PhD
  • iPad version of lab manual available on iTunes
  • 11 hands-on labs correlated to any textbook for microprocessor design training.
  • Works with any Windows XP or higher system (32-bit only)
  • Rugged, lightweight, blow-molded carrying case.
  • Complete kit with 100 machined pin hookup wires.
  • 16 LED’s
  • 3, 7-segment displays
  • 16 slide switches and 3 push-button switches
  • Expandable breadboard allows the system to grow as students' knowledge increases. 
  • Perform experiments using standard TTL logic.
  • 4 each, regulated 5V power (Vcc) and ground (GND) points 
  • 8 input/output connection sockets
  • High quality machined sockets for input and output interconnections.
  • The DL-030 can implement all of the experiments and circuits of the DL-010 and DL-020 trainers plus more.

For more information: DL-030 Website