Behlman Electronics solved a vexing 1500 VA power supply problem sometimes experienced by US Air Force personnel when they must reprogram munitions in the field, and it grew into a 5000 VA solution for this and other applications, as well.

Behlman was called upon to provide power systems to support the repurposing and optimization of munitions for upcoming missions. Airmen used advanced electronic systems that had to be powered by 115/200 VAC, three-phase, 400 Hz aircraft power. Such munitions reprogramming sometimes had to be delayed when the available Ground Power Unit (GPU) generators were connected to aircraft, making them unavailable for munitions reprogramming.

BEHLMAN BL3X500C-8-115-400-5632
Behlman first addressed this problem successfully, with a model of its BL3X500 power supply. This 1500 VA unit was designed to convert single-phase 120/230 VAC, 60 Hz power into three-phase 115/200 VAC, 400 Hz IAW MIL-STD-704. Built into a rugged 4U (7-inch high) rack-mount chassis, the BL3X500 delivers clean sine wave output with excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency, low harmonic distortion, and high power factor.

This solved the immediate problem, but before long, evolving munitions reprogramming and other applications required a higher power Frequency Convertor.

BEHLMAN FC5003-C1-115-400
Designed and built with quality and performance features identical to the Behlman BL3X500, the 5000 VA Behlman FC5003 converts three-phase 120/208 VAC, three-phase ground power into three-phase 115/200 VAC, 400 Hz IAW MIL-STD-704. The Behlman FC5003 Frequency Convertor is a rugged 6U (10.5-inch high) rack mounted unit.

In small quantities, the BL3X500 costs $8,550 and the FC5003 costs $11,799. Both units are available with a GSA discount, and delivery is 60 days from order.

Other Behlman Frequency Convertors are available with single- or three-phase power, fixed or variable voltage and frequencies from1000 VA to 120,000 VA.