Newhaven Display International’s new line of Multi-Font Displays feature an additional serial interface IC that has 50+ languages and 37 font tables. This Multi-Font IC contains ASCII, Unicode, and ISO8859 tables for flexibility and compatibility. The fonts featured are either fixed width or proportional width and can be read at a clock rate up to 30 MHz. When using this new display line, the user’s MPU can communicate directly with this Multi-Font IC to read the font data strings and then out put the desired character onto the display. Using just a 4 wire SPI Interface, the selected font data is read in vertical structured bytes from the Multi-Font IC and is sent out to the display’s controller.

The Multi-Font Display technology will be offered as select Graphic Display Family Groups and will be released in series starting with Newhaven Display International, Inc.’s Graphic OLED Displays.

• Save Time: Multi-Font Displays have predefined font tables. This eliminates the need to create your own characters.

• Save on Costs: Multi-Font Displays have a built-in IC that has 50+ languages and 37 font tables. This eliminates the need to spend money on additional memory to hold multiple languages.

• Easy to Use: Multi-Font Displays use standard font tables such as:
    o ISO8859
    o 5 x 7 ASCII
    o 7 x 8 ASCII
    o 8 x 16 BOLD ASCII
    o Width-Adjusted Arial ASCII
    o 8 x 16 Latin
    o 8 x 16 Greek
    o 8 x 16 Hebrew
    o 8 x 16 Thai
    o Width-Adjusted Latin
    o Width-Adjusted Greek
    o Width-Adjusted Cyrillic
    o Width-Adjusted Arabic
    o GB2312
    o 5x10 LCM
    o KSC5605
    o JIS0208

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