Semtech Corporation announced it is sampling the newest addition to its ToPSync family of products, the ACS9522T, to tier one telecom equipment vendors.

Semtech’s new market-leading ToPSync synchronization system-on-a-chip sets a new standard for integration levels in the industry by integrating all functionality required to support implementation of any telecom synchronization standard into a single device. The device supports IEEE1588 master, slave and boundary clock, at the same time as SyncE, SONET and SDH. Uniquely, Semtech provides everything internally; all the CPU processing power & algorithms; RAM and ROM, Ethernet interfaces  and timestampers, GPS in/out, clocks in/out along with hardware synthesizers and PLLs.

With the growth in 4G-LTE systems and the wide-scale deployment of high-speed mobile broadband, cell sites are becoming smaller and more densely packed than ever before. The ACS9522T brings specific benefits in PCB real-estate savings along with power and cost reductions.

Delivering highly stable time alignment to the base station is now simpler than ever as the ACS9522T will support Semtech’s latest world-class time recovery algorithm. This algorithm runs on an internal CPU, which is specifically tailored to handling PTP, leaving the rest of the base station free from any real-time processing associated with synchronization.

Additionally, base stations of all sizes are now being backhauled using a wide range of technologies, which makes the ACS9522T a great choice due to its class-leading range of interfaces and interconnection option. ToPSync is totally self-contained with no mandatory external software control required and provides the system designer with a multitude of statistics and network performance measures to aid in debugging and system testing.

“We are thrilled by the feedback we are receiving on the ACS9522,” said David Spencer, ToPSync Marketing Manager. “Making a single-chip version of ToPSync has continued Semtech’s tradition of continually innovating and adding value to our customer’s designs. Semtech’s heart is in synchronization and now it is obvious that ToPSync is a total single-chip synchronization solution handling every standard out there. Other PTP solutions are available, as are other SETS solutions, but no one has anything like this. Customers will appreciate the time-to-market benefits of this device.”

ToPSync products offer system designers the benefit of significant board space and system cost savings. The level of integration, along with RoHS & WEEE compliance contributes to energy conservation and hazardous waste reduction.

The ACS9522T and further information will be available at the Semtech booth at the International Telecommunications Synchronization Forum in Nice on Nov 6-8. Semtech’s David Spencer will also be presenting a paper at the show titled “Achieving High-Availability in Real-World Equipment and Networks.”

Key Features of the ToPSync: ACS9522T

·       Full support for all modes of IEEE1588: multicast/unicast, one-step/two-step, I.P/Ethernet

·       True single-chip for all master, slave and boundary clock applications

·       Patented firmware for technique for mitigation of wander accumulation in boundary clock chains

·       Full SONET/SDH/SyncE SETS solution (G.812/813, G.8262, GR253, GR1244 etc.)

·       Hybrid solution for combining any layer one recovered clock with PTP for best ever time alignment performance  

·       Verified performance better than 300ns with OCXO on 10-switch G.8261 stack through all test case conditions. 

·       Full hybrid performance better than 100ns with TCXO on 10-switch G.8261 stack through all test case conditions.


Pricing and availability

The ToPSync ACS9522T is available in March 2013 in production quantities and is priced from $35 each in 10,000-piece lots. Semtech offers comprehensive design assistance, including field- and factory-based support. Data sheets, volume pricing, and delivery quotes, as well as evaluation kits and samples, are available at