TE Connectivity announces the release of a family of solderless LED sockets for the LUXEON H, K, and S emitter platforms.  Working together the two companies are enabling the lighting industry to adopt LED technology faster and more reliably.

The TE Type LH, LK, and LS solderless LED sockets support a full range of LUXEON® LED arrays.  They are designed to enable customers to connect the LED mechanically, optically, thermally and electrically. In addition, they are easy to use and quick and simple to install—greatly decreasing installation time while increasing reliability and quality control.

In addition to their ease of use, TE’s customized sockets for the LUXEON® LED arrays are robustly engineered, reliable and feature rich. Some sockets offer additional features such as snap-in features for cable routing and retention; optional attachment for optics; and high reflectivity materials to maximize light output.  Each socket is designed for the specific application to minimize cost and maximize value for the lighting OEMs.

The Type LH, LK, and LS LED sockets are RoHS compliant and suitable for a variety of commercial, residential and general lighting applications such as:
•    Spotlights
•    Downlights
•    Retrofit bulbs
•    Retail and hospitality lighting

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