Telit Wireless Solutions announced the market introduction of the ME70-169 wireless M-Bus module for the European utility meter industry. The new module operates on European license-free frequency of 169MHz allowing manufacturers to quickly integrate utility metering products which meet regulatory compliance for short-range radio link without diverting development focus from the core metering functionality. The high-performing ME70-169 delivered with Telit’s comprehensive support and customization services rooted on extensive knowledge of short range RF design and the AMR vertical segment make the make-versus-buy decision an easy one for the meter manufacturer.

Telit’s ME70-169 outperforms similar products in all dimensions that are critical for meter manufacturers. Unregulated 3.3Volt supply requirement makes integration with standard meter electronics simple, eliminating the need for a multi-voltage power supply and lowering BOM costs.  Industry-unique 1Watt radio output power combined with -120dBbm sensitivity, significantly improve the meter’s reading range and reliability.  And an ultra-low-current standby mode allows successful integration of the module into battery powered electronic meter designs for utilities such as gas and water which require battery replacement cycles in multiples of years.

Because the ME70-169 is equipped with an ATX-Mega processor, customer applications can be made to run right inside the module potentially eliminating the high cost of a second application processor core in the design. As a member of the Telit Short Range module family, the ME70-169 is fully compatible with its ZigBee and Low-Power Mesh counterparts, as well as the ME50 series M-Bus lower-radio-power products.

As the industry’s only technology company dedicated solely to M2M, with its wireless module technology and newly launched value-added services, Telit enables solution providers to easily create and manage their M2M applications reducing total-cost-of–ownership (TCO) necessary to operate and support user-applications while ensuring highest quality and reliability.

The ME70-169 is made available in convenient mounting solutions with a range of development tools and associated products such as cellular gateways.

Telit Wireless Solutions