Gefen’s new matrix for HDMI combines switching among eight hi-def sources and eight HDTV displays with RJ-45 signal extension built into the same, rack mountable frame.

The GefenPRO 8x8 Matrix for HDMI w/8 ELR (Extra Long Range) and bi-directional IR extension switches any eight sources to any eight displays or projectors. All eight outputs can be extended up to 330 feet (100m) using one CAT-5 cable per display. Eight sender units are essentially packaged within the same matrix frame, consolidating equipment for a cleaner installation.

Extension of 1080p full HD with multi-channel audio and 3DTV pass-through over a single CAT-5 cable is achieved using Gefen’s ELR technology, which is based on HDBaseT. Bi-directional IR is extended over the same cable along with POL (Power Over Line) technology, which eliminates the need to power each receiver unit. Bi-directional IR allows long distance control of the sources through each receiver. All eight receivers have a small foot print and come in a wall mountable enclosure that can be placed discreetly behind the display for better aesthetics.

This new 8x8 Matrix for HDMI w/8 ELR includes Gefen’s FST (Fast Switching Technology), which vastly improves the time it takes to switch sources with HDCP-compliance. A process that could typically take up to ten-seconds is now accomplished instantly without delay.
Front panel push buttons, RS-232, web IP, and IR are all provided for switching, automation and control. The front panel LCD provides up-to-date routing, EDID and other relevant information.

A similar Gefen product in features and style is the 8x8 Matrix for HDMI w/4 ELR, which provides four HDMI outputs to connect four displays locally and four CAT-5 outputs to extend four displays up to
330 feet using one CAT-5 cable per display. Like all GefenPRO products, both products include 24/7 technical support.