The bq51013AEVM-764 evaluation module (EVM) demonstrates the receiver portion of the bqTESLA wireless power system. This receiver EVM is a complete receiver-side solution that produces 5 V out at up to 1 A when coupled with the bqTESLA transmitter. The bq51013AEVM-764 device shown on this EVM along with external components that support the device for a complete solution.


  • The bqTESLA receiver can be used in any number of low-power battery portable devices as a power source for charging.
  • Output voltage of 5 V up to 1 A
  • External adapter switchover and control circuit
  • Low-profile, external pick-up coil
  • Frame is configured to provide correct receiver to transmitter spacing.
  • Room above coil for testing with battery, key for tuning
  • Adjustable resistor R16 can be used to set max output current

Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Category Power Management
Sub-Category Inductive Charging / Wireless Power
Eval Board Part Number 296-30563-ND
Eval Board Supplier Texas Instruments
Eval Board
Normally In Stock
Voltage In
4 ~ 20 V
Voltage Out
5 V
Current Out
1 A
Efficiency @ Conditions
>74%, 19V in, 5V @ 2.5 ~ 5 W Out
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
110 ~ 205 kHz
No-load Input Power @ Conditions
- Not given
Component Count + Extras
35 + 32
Design Author
Texas Instruments