PCA Electronics Inc. PCA introduces a NEW series of 500mW unregulated DC-DC converters for commercial and medical applications.

All models are isolated. EPC1196G-X series has 3000Vrms isolation while EPC1199G-X has a 4000Vrms isolation for medical applications.  All models have a very high efficiency of between 80-88 percent. Selected models EPC1193G-X, EPC1194G-X and EPC1195G-X have 12.5 X 7.5 X 4.7mm height package, making it one of the world smallest DC-DC converters in its category. EPC1195G-X and EPC1198-X series models are available with On/Off remote features. EPC1197-X and EPC1198-X series models are in SIP packages.

All DC-DC Converters in the series feature:
•    No Heat Sink Requirements. Cooler Operation
•    Operates at Higher Switching frequencies
•    Absolute Maximum rating : Vin =7.0V max.
•    Minimum Load Requirements: 10 percent
•    Internal Input Filter Capacitor
•    Line Voltage Regulation: 1%
•    Load Voltage Regulation (10% to100% full load): + 15% max.
•    Load Voltage Regulation @ 0 % load: +25% max
•    Short Circuit Duration: 1 second
•    Voltage Accuracy: 3% typ in all models except EPC1196G-X and EPC1199G-X which are +/- 1% typ
•    UL1446 Class B Insulation Systems
•    Low Power Consumption : 2.5mA typ @ No load
•    No Tantalum capacitor
•    UL94V-0 Recognized Components
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +70°C

PCA Electronics Inc.