Dortmund, 18. June 2012. tde - trans data elektronik introduces a new concept as an extension of the successful cabling system tML-tde Modular Link, which is based on the LC connector type. The new tML-tde Modular Link extension provides an ingenious packing density and is easy to use. A newly developed release mechanism allows the plug to be released "fingerless" from the LC adapters, which can be stringed together and thus enable the use of 192 fibers in one rack unit.

"Due to the compact, space-saving design of the tML HD patch cable we can accommodate 192 fibers in one rack unit of our modular plug and play system tML instead of the previous 96 fibers - this means the users can install twice as many ports within the same space. This packing density is currently unique and unrivaled in the industry sector”, says André Engel, CEO of tde - trans data electronik.

Common LC connectors - dexterity is needed!
With conventional LC connectors a release mechanism is pressed down to release the plug from the adapter. Since this is done with the fingers, space between the adapters is required for a convenient handling.

The new tML HD patch cable - Easy handling
The centrepiece of the new tML HD patch cable is the compact LC High Density (HD) connector. Pulling the integrated trigger tab is all it takes to release this connector from the adapter. The bar requires less space than conventional LC connectors and in the tML HD module these adapters can be directly "stacked" on top of each other. There is no need to calculate with extra space for convenient handling as the available space in the module is used to its full extent.

With this technology, one tML module can be used instead of 6x LC duplex ports, and thus 12 x LC duplex ports can be realized therewith doubling the packing density. "A higher packing density is also more energy efficient, because less space must be air conditioned," says André Engel. In addition, the new tML HD connector reduces the measured length of the connector from the adapter to only 15 mm. The trigger tabs of the plugs are available in various lengths and colours and can be provided with labels or RFID tags.

The tML tde Modular Link System
tML is a patented modular cable system that comprises three core components: Modules, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. All system components are prepared and tested in the factory before going out to data centres, where they are predominantly installed. The plug & play installation ensures that systems can be up and running in the shortest amount of time. There are fibre optic and twisted-pair modules, which can be used together in a single rack mount enclosure achieving a very high port density. The heart of the system is formed by the rear-mounted MPO/MTP and telco connectors, which enable the connection of at least 6 ports at once using 10 GbE or GbE performance. At 40/100 GbE, the modules are replaced by front panels with MPO adapters. Using 48 MPO-connectors, 1152 fibres can be implemented in a single rack unit.

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