Gleichmann Electronics now offers two new 10.6-inch (27 cm) WXGA display modules, part numbers NL12876AC18-03 and -03D, from NLT Technologies. The new display modules feature ultra-wide viewing angles of 176 degrees horizontally and vertically, a brightness of 300 cd/m2 and a high contrast ratio of 1000:1.
The combination of two advanced core technologies – Ultra Advanced Super Fine TFT (UA SFT), NLT’s proprietary version of In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, and ColorXcell, an integrated color-enhancement technology that delivers color reproduction that is comparable in color intensity to the original video source, without tint or color variance – ensures that the new 10.6 inch TFT-LCD modules provide a high-luminance, wide color gamut and vivid colors.
Thanks to the UA-SFT technology, images can be viewed in both portrait and landscape orientation from almost any angle without color shift or compromising brightness. This viewing flexibility is particularly important for applications where the display orientation may vary or where users require accurate imaging results from multiple viewing angles, such as portable medical imaging and diagnostics or test and measurement equipment.
Typically, higher saturated color filters are needed to improve color reproduction but at the cost of reduced transmissivity. Maintaining the same peak luminance would then require increasing the intensity of the backlighting, which increases power consumption. NLT’s ColorXCell technology accomplishes the same using standard color filters without the loss of transmissivity. Therefore, no increase in backlighting is needed and lower power consumption is maintained.
The integrated LED driver for the LED backlighting of the new 10.6-inch display modules is designed for a wide input voltage range from 5 V to12 V. This provides users with a high degree of flexibility in the development.
The new 10.6-inch WXGA display modules are optimized for use in portable medical equipment, industrial equipment and industrial-grade tablets that require reliable color reproduction with wide viewing angles and varying display orientations. Detailed information about the two new 10.6-inch WXGA display modules, part numbers NL12876AC18-03 and  03D, can be requested by sending an email to

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