Electronic Assembly has designed the EA DIP203-4 LCD module for applications where the display has to be clearly legible. The module comes with a high-contrast alphanumeric LCD supertwist display for showing four 20-character lines. LED background lighting supplied as a standard feature makes the text clearly stand out.

The dot matrix display is available in three versions. Users can choose between black text on a yellow/green background, white text on a blue background or black on white. Automatic temperature compensation eliminates the need for contrast readjustment.

The on-board SSD1803 controller is 90% compatible with the widely-used HD44780 controller. The built-in character set provides 240 letters, numbers and symbols, and users can define additional 8 characters. The controller has a high-speed SPI interface. A 4 and 8 bit data bus interface is also available as an alternative.

The EA DIP203-4 is designed to make handling very easy during the manufacturing process. No mechanical assembly is necessary. The module is simply inserted into the PCB and soldered in place.

The display is powered from a single 3.3 V input. A 150 mA constant current source is needed for the LED lighting on the green/yellow version or a 45 mA on the blue/white and black/white versions. The large temperature operating range (-20°C to +70°C) makes the display ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

Other versions of the display in the same housing with the same pinout can also be supplied. Users can choose 1 x 8 or 2 x 16 character dot matrix displays or full graphic version with 122 x 32 pixels.

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