Carestream Tollcoating introduced new, improved polyester (PET) films to meet the demanding requirements of high-tech markets such as electronic displays.

Building off Carestream Health’s long history of manufacturing high-quality PET film for its X-ray and digital medical imaging films, Carestream Tollcoating’s PET films are manufactured on one of North America's most efficient, high-speed, thick-gauge (4-7 mil) PET film lines.

Carestream’s new improved PET films are strongly differentiated from others in the market by featuring exceptional clarity, transmittance > 90%, haze < 0.5%, and a neutral color with both a* and b* close to zero. They also demonstrate excellent thermal shrinkage stability, with uniformity in the machine and transverse directions realized by superior stretch orientation, high-temperature heat setting and long residence time in-line heat relaxation. Carestream Tollcoating produces roll widths up to 74" and diameters up to 1 meter, with in-house slitting and packaging available for smaller formats.

Additional film characteristics include high flatness, high caliper uniformity, and the ability to incorporate colorants directly into the film for tinting and shading. Single or dual primer coatings can be precision coated both pre- and post-stretching. Pre-stretch primers can be as thin as 0.1 micron and thermally cured during the stretching process. 

Carestream Tollcoating delivers excellent quality through its process control and monitoring, pressurized machine compartments with HEPA filtered process air, an online vision inspection system and offline testing capabilities. The polyester manufacturing process abides by FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and is ISO 9001 certified.  Carestream Tollcoating offers competitive shipping costs and short lead times due to its Colorado location. 

“These product improvements and investments in our manufacturing capability now enable Carestream polyester film to exceed requirements in the most demanding applications,” said Todd Arndorfer, Carestream Tollcoating’s Account Manager, Manufacturing Business Development.  “We look forward to developing additional manufacturing partnerships in the rapidly growing touch screen and display markets.”

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