LSI Corporation today introduced the Axxia network accelerator AXP3420 card, designed to accelerate critical networking tasks in enterprise and cloud datacenters. The AXP3420 card plugs into a standard PCIe slot to accelerate network functions such as application recognition and security, and improves networking performance for servers and networking equipment.

The AXP3420 offloads networking functions from the host processor to improve performance and lower power consumption, providing “intelligence” that is important as the growth in network traffic driven by social networking, mobile broadband and enterprise applications is straining the ability of datacenter networking equipment to keep up.

The AXP3420 is designed to deliver:

· Easy-to-deploy high-performance network acceleration in servers and x86-based networking equipment

· Deterministic, predictable network performance for datacenters by offloading complex networking tasks

· Rapid software development, including production-ready software for application recognition, security and other real-world networking functions

· Software compatibility with the entire range of Axxia communication processors and network accelerator cards

“Datacenter managers and architects must contend with traffic growth driven by everything from video to cloud services,” said Noy Kucuk, vice president, marketing, Networking Components Division, LSI. “The Axxia network accelerator card provides a drop-in network performance boost, helping customers to cost-effectively speed up their network’s performance without adding servers or additional hardware.”

The AXP3420 card features an Axxia processor with specialized hardware accelerators that improve performance for deep packet inspection, traffic management and other critical networking functions. Customers can customize the accelerator card, which will ship with a broad set of application development kits, to meet their needs for network control, monitoring, application recognition, security and virtual private networks. The Axxia development kit also will allow manufacturers to customize the accelerator card for specific applications.

“As the amount of traffic flowing through the world’s networks continues to grow, so does the need for scalable and flexible offload solutions,” said Abhi Dugar, research manager, IDC. “The Axxia network accelerator offers an easy performance boost and a platform for OEMs to embed intelligence in their networks to efficiently deliver next-generation services.”

“We were able to easily integrate our highly sophisticated suite of signatures and tools with the LSI Axxia network accelerator AXP3420 to deliver a high-performance application recognition product that meets our customers’ needs to analyze the traffic on their networks,” said Jason Richards, CEO of Vineyard Networks.

The LSI AXP3420 accelerator card is expected to be available to OEMs in the third quarter of 2012. Information on the AXP3420 and the portfolio of LSI networking and storage solutions will be available at the LSI hospitality suite at Surf B at Interop Las Vegas, May 6-10.

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