WAGO Corporation’s MCS-MIDI 231 and 721 Series Connectors feature snap-in flanges for drill-and fastener-free through-panel mounting. Intended for rectangular cut-outs, snap-in flanges eliminate drilling, screws and other components associated with through-panel applications. Part of the company’s multi-connection system, the connectors accept all conductors AWG 28–12 and carry ratings up to 600 V/20 A. Providing wire-to-wire and board-to-wire connections, MCS-MIDI Through-Panel/Snap-in Connectors are compatible with panels ranging from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm thick. Configurations range from 2 to 24 poles; pin spacings span 5 mm, 5.08 mm, 7.5 mm or 7.62 mm. CAGE CLAMP and CAGE CLAMP S Spring Pressure provide vibration-proof, gas-tight and maintenance-free connections. Applications include elevators, drives, multimedia displays (common to transit systems) and replacing studs in rail control panels (MCS-MIDI expedites box swaps).

MCS-MIDI Classic male connectors provide easy cable pre-assembly and on-unit wiring via vertical and horizontal CAGE CLAMP actuation. Options: coding keys and insulation stops, as well as strain relief pates and housings.
721 Series male and female connectors are 100% protected from mismating, carry on-unit test ports and prevent accidental disconnection via locking latch. 721 Series provides a testing port and marking via self-adhesive strips or factory-direct printing. Options: coding and strain relief; a preceding ground contact is optional on 3–5 pole male connectors. 

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