Dortmund, 30. April 2012. With the tBG II sub-rack tde – trans data elektronik presents a robust sub-rack suitable for the use in the carrier environment, industry cabling or structured cabling. Covering the scope of three rack units, the sub-rack divides high-fibre loose tube cables consisting of up to 144 fibre splices into 12 splice modules.

"The latest generation of tBG sub-racks has been especially developed for the use in fibre optic loose tube cables with a high number of fibres. Thus, up to 144 fibres can be accommodated over three rack units in 12 modules with a high packing density. We can equip the module’s front panels with any type of fibre optic connectors depending on the customers’ needs, which provides the users with great flexibility," says André Engel, CEO of tde - trans data elektronik.

144 fibers in 3 rack units

The tBG II sub-rack has a height of 3 rack units and a width of 19 inches. It is 84 HP wide and vertically mounted it accommodates 12 tBG II splice modules with 7 HP each. Due to marks on the holes, the modules are easily brought into the correct position in the sub-rack and secured with collar screws.

The casing of the rack consists of a combination of aluminum and stainless steel and the designer’s have put strong emphasis on the stability as well as reducing the weight. In operation, circular openings in the rack’s longitudinal braces ensure an optimal cross-ventilation in the distribution cabinet.

Colour coded and ready to splice

The front of the modules can be equipped with all standard fibre optic connectors available and also the mixed use of modules with different connector types within a sub-rack is easily possible. The factory-provided ready-to-splice preparation of the modules saves valuable installation time on site and allows for unproblematic splicing. In addition to the splice modules also a breakout version of the modules is available.

Over lengths tray and cable management at customer’s demand

The cable over lengths can be stored safely and neatly in a 1U over lengths tray, which is installed beneath the sub-rack. This tray is removable or can be retrofitted. A cable management panel with five cable brackets at the front of the over lengths tray ensures the orderly running of the cables. The user is absolutely flexible in the selection of the cable brackets since various designs in different lengths made of metal or plastic are available. The cable input positioned on the left or right side of the rack’s rear supports metric glands and cable splitters.