Durex Industries recently announced expansion of their custom temperature and power control panel capabilities.

Durex Industries’ Custom Temperature and Power Control Panels integrate programmable logic controllers (PLC), temperature controllers, high and low limit controllers, and power controls into a turnkey package. The panels are available in NEMA enclosure rated for use as basic electrical boxes as well as outdoor and hazardous explosive environments.  The panels can be designed with ground fault breakers, current meters, fusing, current sensors, and other electro mechanical devices as required for the application.

Temperature and Power Control Panels are used in process temperature control applications ranging from car washing to heavy industrial applications in chemical, petroleum, water, metals and other process industries.  Durex Industries supports all Temperature and Power Control panels with PLC programming, complete documentation, factory based application support and field service.

For literature, applications, pricing or more details, please contact:
DUREX INDUSTRIES, 190 Detroit Street, Cary, IL 60013-2979
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