Cobham - IP Mesh RadiosCobham has announced its latest developments in Internet Protocol (IP) Mesh radios, with smaller, more power-efficient models that will be ideal for even more environments and markets.

Cobham originally developed the bidirectional radio variant to complement its range of broadcast COFDM products. Since their launch in 2009 the IP Mesh radios have been widely used in military, law enforcement and commercial applications, where the flexibility of a fluid self-healing mesh combined with non-line of sight characteristics have made them market leaders.

Steve Schaefer, vice president of Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance, says: “The IP Mesh radio nodes link together, so that video, audio and GPS information can be transmitted back to a central point or HQ over a much greater range. Wireless networks need no longer be static, as the mesh readjusts itself as nodes move, with no loss of bandwidth or performance. As popular as these have been in harsh physical and RF environments, Cobham has been working hard to improve them further, with a new Phase 3 of mesh node and mini mesh products now available.”

Following customer requests for man portable solutions, increased bandwidth, on board recording, new frequencies and greater range, the Duo product range now offers a point to point IP radio with fixed bandwidth suitable for unmanned vehicle applications and up to a 12 node IP mesh radio utilising 5MBs bandwidth in mobile or rapid deployment applications.

What began in 2009 as a large box weighing some 2.5kg and using 20W of power, has been refined and redesigned to today’s powerful solution, which weighs only 350g and uses half as much power. This enhances its use in mobile and rapid deployments and makes it an excellent solution in urban or challenging environments such as open cast mines or airports, where non-line of sight performance is key.

About the Cobham Mesh Radio solution:

- True fluid self-forming mesh, any shape
- Very simple set up
- True mobile performance
- Genuine non-line of sight
- Fast Mesh entry/exit
- Encryption and security options
- Fixed bandwidth options
- Store and forward
- Intrinsically safe and IP rated variants
- Single frequency camera control

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