GOEPEL electronic announces the availability of a new Board Merger within the frame of the Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON.

The newly developed tool generation for the first time supports a completely project oriented definition of the multi board target architecture, subsequently enabling the automatic generation of a consistent project database while maintaining original signal designations and board characteristics. The new features are highly important for complex projects based on integrated system backplanes or for motherboards with multi slot interface.

“Our newly developed Board Merger solves the problem of defining multi board applications fast and modularly. Moreover, it enables the flexible reconfiguration of existent projects without regeneration and loss of the original signal designations“, says Thomas Wenzel, GOEPEL electronic’s managing director of the Boundary Scan Division. In addition to an increase in productivity in handling such applications, debugging is facilitated and diagnostic information quality is improved.”

The new Board Merger generation handles each single board as an individual object with bequeathing properties. Connections between single objects are initiated by respective referencing’s maintaining the original net designation. I/O modules can be inscribed into the principle as so called adapters. If modules of the same type are utilised, the whole process is handled through simple duplicating. After referencing all boards, the data basis is generated in a single step. Configuration changes, e.g. by means of non-mounted boards or missing I/O modules, can easily be hidden making a regeneration unnecessary. Thus, the solution is highly flexible and transparent for users. In the subsequent project processing, the entire original data basis is directly available for all other tools such as debugger, visualizer and test coverage analysers.

The new Board Merger is integrated as standard in the SYSTEM CASCON development package from version V4.6 onwards. Product shipment has already started being free-of-charge for users with valid maintenance contract.
SYSTEM CASCON™ is a professional JTAG/Boundary Scan development environment, developed by GOEPEL electronic with currently 47 completely integrated programming, test, and debug tools for design validation, production test and field service. Regarding the hardware, VarioTAP is completely supported by the controllers of the SCANBOOSTER family, as well as by the hardware platform SCANFLEX.

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