Leviton announced its collaboration with Home Automation, Inc. (HAI). The collective Leviton and HAI efforts leverage the capabilities of Leviton’s Vizia RF + Serial Interface Module (Leviton Part Number VRC0P) to enable advanced Z-Wave capabilities in HAI’s integrated automation systems. Leviton’s Vizia RF + Serial Interface Module empowers HAI with wireless Z-Wave communications for sophisticated integration of Z-Wave based door locks and lighting controls. The Leviton VRC0P, Vizia RF + module features an integrated Z-Wave antenna and a re-flashable memory capability to adapt to virtually any future requirements.

“Leviton is pleased to announce the integration of our Vizia RF + Serial Interface Module solutions with HAI’s advanced security and access control offerings,” said Ian Hendler, Director of Business Development at Leviton. “Our collective efforts with HAI demonstrate the robust development possibilities that our Z-Wave VRC0P serial module affords, reinforcing Leviton’s commitment to delivering innovation in the rapidly growing market for this technology.”

The Vizia RF+ Serial Interface Module supports not only Leviton Vizia RF + Z-Wave lighting and energy management devices, but also third party door locks, access controllers and shading controllers to create a complete home control system. The Leviton and HAI collaboration enables HAI’s home automation controllers to utilize Z-Wave technology and fully integrate with Z-Wave based access control featured in the cutting-edge electronic locks from leading manufacturers such as Baldwin, Kwikset, Schlage and Yale.

“HAI’s excellent implementation of our Z-Wave bridge demonstrates the concept of Z-Wave enabling products supporting the most advanced ecosystem applications, from door locks to lighting,” Hendler added.

As the existing ecosystem for Z-Wave products continues to expand, the Vizia RF + Serial Interface Module can enable Z-Wave communication and integration capabilities for many products with standard, non RF bi-directional RS232 capabilities. The Leviton Vizia RF + Serial Interface Module is supported by a range of leading residential automation technology providers and is the preferred choice of Z-Wave integrators in the home automation market when used with HAI’s award winning systems.

“Support for wireless Z-Wave door locks in our control offerings has become increasingly important,” said Brian Yokum, HAI’s Chief Technology Officer. “Leviton’s VRC0P serial module is an essential component to satisfy customer demand for Z-Wave integration and is an excellent choice for a complete HAI home automation package with advanced Z-Wave capabilities”

Leviton’s Vizia RF + Serial Interface Module is ideal for any residential Z-Wave application where a serial interface is required to integrate with other control systems, as it provides Z-Wave wireless communication to any other Z-Wave device in the home.

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