RME13CCCurtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions, a business group of Curtiss-Wright Controls and a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged deployed subsystems for the aerospace, defense and commercial market, has introduced the RME13CC, a 16-slot 13U-high chassis designed to ease the design of 6U OpenVPX based systems. This forced air conduction-cooled enclosure supports up to 16-slots of 6U 1" pitch payload OpenVPX cards and rear transition modules. Designed to satisfy the most extreme cooling requirements for 6U OpenVPX systems, the rackmount RME13CC chassis meets stringent ANSI/VITA 65 power and cooling requirements for conduction-cooled 150W 6U OpenVPX modules.

The RME13CC supports OpenVPX backplanes for high-speed Gen2 switch fabric data rates up to 6.25 Gbaud. Power supply configurations supplying up to 3750W are available for both 12V and 5V payload forced air conduction-cooled enclosures for the development of rugged deployed military embedded systems.

The RME13CC chassis are the newest member of Defense Solutions’ Hybricon family of advanced COTS electronic packaging solutions targeting challenging OpenVPX payloads. These rack mount-style enclosures support power supplies up to 3750W and provide levels of cooling required to ensure optimal performance for the most demanding high power conduction-cooled OpenVPX applications.

“This rack mount conduction cooled chassis supports up to 16 6U OpenVPX-based high performance conduction cooled cards,” said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions group.  “With cooling capacity exceeding 150W per slot, the RME13CC chassis is a perfect match for system integrators developing very high performance multiprocessor systems for demanding compute intensive applications.”

The RME13CC measures 22.69" (13U) high, 18.96” wide, and 19.53” deep and weighs 98 lbs. The conduction cooled card cage is constructed of precision grade aluminum.

RME13CC Performance Features:

·         OpenVPX REDI designed to the latest ANSI/VITA 46.0, VITA 46.3-VDSTU, VITA 46.4-VDSTU, VITA 46.6-VDSTU, VITA 46.7-VDSTU, ANSI/VITA 46.10, ANSI/VITA 48.0, ANSI/VITA 48.2 and ANSI/VITA 65 OpenVPX specifications

·         Supports 6U 16-slot 1” pitch backplanes with rear transition module support

·         16-slot 6U OpenVPX backplanes available

·         Power supply configurations available for OpenVPX 12 V-centric and 5 V-centric module sets

·         Modified COTS configurations and system integration services available.

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